Safety policy


Company management, aware that the activity it performs may harm the safety and health of employees and third persons who may be at its facilities, has established an occupational hazard prevention management system, integrated into its activity, according to the following principles:

  • Preventative activity shall be oriented toward preventing risks and evaluating those that could not be eliminated.
  • Determining preventative measures. This shall be done by attempting to take action on the origin behind the risks, and if applicable, by putting collective protection above individual protection, bearing in mind the additional risks that this may involve, and this may only be done when the magnitude of said risks is substantially less than those we aim to control and there are no other safer alternatives.
  • Selecting equipment and work and production methods, this shall aim, particularly, to lighten the monotonous and repetitive workload, and to reduce its effect on worker health.
  • Prevention planning, this shall seek a coherent ensemble that includes technique, work organisation, work conditions, social relations and the influence of environmental factors at work.
  • Only workers who have received sufficient information may access a zone with a serious and specific risk.
  • Before entrusting a worker with a task, his or her professional ability in terms of safety and health in order to carry out said task shall be assessed.
  • Upon evaluating the danger of the processes, the consequences that could be brought about by possible distractions or non-reckless imprudent actions that workers may carry out upon performing said processes must be analysed.
  • Workers have the right to actively participate in issues related to occupational hazard prevention, so the representative channels legally established in Chapter V of the Occupational Hazard Prevention Law shall be made available.
  • Consider road safety a company priority.
  • To this end, we commit to comply with applicable legislation and to prevent harm and deterioration to health and to permanently improve safety and health management in the workplace.

Arrate López