General characteristics

The HCFR model is a very robust wafer knife gate valve. It has a round input nozzle and a square output, that is larger than the input, preventing material clogging. This valve is appropriate for the most demanding applications, especially for handling highly contaminated waste. It is especially designed for the paper industry, and can also be used in industries such as:
-Specially for the paper/cellulose industry
-Environment, waste water circuits
-Chemical industry
-Food industry
One-way knife gate valve for assembly between DIN PN10 flanges.

Technical characteristics

Standard from DN 100 to DN 400 (other sizes, subject to consultation)
DN 100 to DN 250: 10 kg/cm2
DN 300: 6 kg/cm2
DN 350 to DN 400: 5 kg/cm2


Paper/cellulose industry
Environment, waste water circuits
Chemical industry
Food industry