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This year 2019 Herbe celebrates its 25th anniversary. It has been 25 years since Herbe is dedicated to the manufacture of check valves and knife gate valves, 25 years in which the attention and service to our customers, as well as the quality of our products and processes, has allowed us to reach as far […]... Read more »

At HERBE, we are specialists in Check and Knife Gate Valves. Our experience and dedication speaks for itself, placing us as flagship manufacturer for this type of product.

We offer solutions that are adapted to each type of setting with an extensive catalogue of references, both for Check and for Knife Gate models.

Check Valves

The main function of a check valve is to prevent fluid from going in the opposite direction desired. When… Read more

Knife Gate Valves

At Herbe, we have a broad selection of knife gate valves made of different materials, in different sizes and with… Read more

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