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This year 2019 Herbe celebrates its 25th anniversary. It has been 25 years since Herbe is dedicated to the manufacture of check valves and knife gate valves, 25 years in which the attention and service to our customers, as well as the quality of our products and processes, has allowed us to reach as far […]... Read more »

Check Valves

The main function of a check valve is to prevent fluid from going in the opposite direction desired. When the direction is as desired, the check valve remains open, and when the fluid loses speed or pressure, the valve closes, thereby preventing counterflow. The difference between input and output pressures makes the valve open or close.

At Herbe, we have a broad selection of check valves that are appropriate for a myriad of applications, thanks to their different constructions and materials.


The DC valve is a dual-plate wafer check valve with EN-558-1...    Read more »


The RD valve is a wafer disk check valve for assembly betwee...    Read more »


The RDCR valve is a wafer disk check valve for assembly betw...    Read more »


The CP valve is an oscillating flap wafer check valve (witho...    Read more »


The FP valve is a wafer oscillating-flap check valve (withou...    Read more »


The SH valve is an axial washer check valve to be assembled ...    Read more »


The SHG valve is an axial washer check valve for foot assemb...    Read more »


Our technical department will study the best solution for ea...    Read more »

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